Regarding Construction

Regarding the Construction in Alva

Please Pardon Our Construction

article from Brian G. Hofen Vice President & CTO

The Myers Family had the foresight many years ago to obtain enough property for when the time came that we could grow and replace some of our structures. What property they were unable to obtain we were able to negotiate for in more recent years. The original structure on the corner of College and Flynn was over 100 years old. Over the years many skins or facades had been put on it, but the structure itself was becoming unsafe. After consultation with engineers it was determined the only route for repair was replacement.

At the same time BancCentral Financial Services had occupied the second floor of our facilities. After much thought and consultation a construction plan was formed that involved constructing a new data center and drive-thru facility. This would relieve a good portion of the original building to be demolished and rebuilt, keeping the newest portion of our original facility as a temporary bank, and later, extra office space. Phase 2, which we are in now, involves building a new bank building on the corner of College and Flynn. We have a design we believe keeps with the theme of our downtown area, and draws from some of the building designs on the Northwestern Campus as well.

We are excited about this investment in downtown Alva. It would have been much cheaper to relocate, but we couldn’t leave our businesses and friends in the original Alva market place, the square. It didn’t feel right to even consider. We’ve been here over 100 years, and intend to be here for another 100 years and beyond.