Important messages from BCNA

Important messages

“Cyber Parenting: Protecting your Family from 21st Century Threats.”

April 29 at 6:00pm to 7:30pm locations include

  • Enid OK, 1202 w willow rd, 73703
      Autry Technology Center room 201
  • Alva, Ok 73717 1801 s 11th st, 73717
      Northwest Technology Center
  • Woodward, OK 3921 34th street, 73801
      High Plains Technology Center
  • “Cyber Parenting: Protecting your Family from 21st Century Threats.” This talk will provide a detailed examination of new threats and old challenges that parents face trying to keep their kids safe as the Internet becomes a prominent part of growing up. Brand new security technologies (and brand new hacker techniques!) will be examined in a parent-friendly way to explore how to protect your family "beyond just browser" controls. Facts & figures will provide insight into the real threats that our children face every day. This talk will equip parents with what they need to know to make the Internet a safe and fun place for the entire family. Our presenter is Daniel Hanttula, Managing Partner of Decision Forward (and parent of two). Daniel has served as Director of Information Security for the state of Oklahoma where he was recognized by the State’s Chief Information Security Officer, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security for his contributions toward protecting Oklahoma’s public sector assets. This month, Daniel will be elected President of the FBI’s InfraGard Member’s Alliance. Daniel has also served as a Contributing Editor for two technical magazines and is the author of seven books. In his spare time, he reviews security technology products and speaks nationwide.