iBank Online Alerts

iBank Online Alerts

Step 1

Selecting the eAlerts Button

Look for the the Account List table Right above this is your alters summery. From here, click on the eAlerts button.

Step 2

Clicking the Alerts link

Click the Alerts link and choose Setup New Alert at the bottom of the options.

Step 3

Selecting the Alerts

You will be able to choose between 5 types of alerts DDA Check Clear, DDA Deposit Notice, DDA Low Balance, DDA Presentments, and Savings Withdrawal Notice.

What is Online Alerts

Online Alerts - With our Online Alerts, you can receive automatic e-alert notifications each time a designated event takes place, such as when a low balance is reached. User-friendly templates make it easy for customers to set up new events through their online account. E-alerts can be sent by text message, online message or email for one-time events and those occurring on virtually any schedule.