iBank Mobiliti

i-Bank Mobiliti

Step 1

Selecting the Option Tab

Your first step is selecting the option tab at the top of your i-Bank screen after logging in.

Step 2

Click the Manage Devices button

The fourth option down is the Mobile Banking Profile Banner. It will say Manage Devices or Enroll Click

Step 3

Accepting the Terms and Conditions

Please read through and check the box next to "I accept these Terms and Conditions" and click Continue to proceed.

Step 4

Choosing Device App Stores and Services

Choose your preferred app store and choose the Other Services you'd like to enroll in, then click Continue

Step 5

Choosing Accounts and Nicknames

Setup which accounts you want connected, add nicknames to each one, then click Continue

Step 6

Adding New Device

My Devices is where you will maintain information on which wireless electronic devices are allowed to access Mobiliti. To add a new device, click the button that reads Add New Device.

Step 7

Activation Successful

You will then receive an Activation Code sent to the phone number you enrolled, type it into the box in the middle and click the button. Congratulations, you have fully enrolled in Mobile Banking

What is Mobiliti

Mobiliti - Mobiliti supports all three mobile access modes – Short Message Service (SMS), mobile browser and smartphone applications – through a single platform as well as via a tablet app for iPad and Android tablets. Customers can easily enroll in Mobiliti through I-Bank or a preferred app store, and then choose their preferred method to access your mobile banking services.