iBank Bill Pay

iBank Bill Pay

Step 1

Select the Display Button

Select the display button located in the bottom part of your screen. You may need to scroll down.

Step 2

Clicking the Payment button

Click the Payment button at the top of the screen, under the BancCentral heading

Step 3

Filling Out Information

Enter your email address and phone number in the place provided on the right

Step 4

Terms of Service

Please read through the terms of service for Bill Pay, click the "I Accept" check box, followed by the Continue Button.

Step 5

Legal Agreements

Please read through the legal agreement for Bill Pay, click the "I Accept" check box, followed by the Continue Button.

Step 6

Picking A Bill You Want to Pay

First, select the category of bills, then select the specific company you would like to pay a bill for.

Step 7

Filling out Billing Information

Fill out the information for the company you selected. This information should be on your bill or on their website.

Step 8

Paying the Bill

In the space provided, fill in the amount you would like to pay, then select the day you wish to pay the amount.

Step 9

Activation Successful

You have setup a Bill Pay feature for i-Bank. If you need to setup another Bill Pay or change the one you just setup, you can do so from this page.

What is Bill Pay

Bill Pay - feature gives you the ability to pay all of your bills from your home or business computer. You can set it up to pay any vendor you wish. Simply enter the payment and address information and schedule of payment. That vendor will always be there for you to see. You can set up future dated and recurring payments, which will save you time and worry. You can also check the status of your payment, allowing you to more closely monitor the payment process.